Tableau pro training with your data

It has arrived. 

Tableau Desktop training that includes extensive use of client data. 

Created for clients that prefer to move into production more quickly, VIA's Pro option is available now.
The Pro training content includes the use of client data everyday over four days. 

The baseline of the Pro course is a heavily modified version of VIA's basic course. 

Software aids include Tableau Packaged Workbooks created with client data and data sources not provided Tableau Software. 

Highlights of VIA Tableau Training Pro: 

1. The course will be taught by Larry Keller, the author of the first Tableau training manual in the world. He was Tableau Software's 49th employee and the first to provide training and consulting in the US after 3+ years with Tableau. This course was created based on 8 years of experience. 
2. Students will learn and apply the best practices of data visualization and analysis based on skills Mr. Keller acquired when working with Stephen Few. This took place before Tableau existed. One of the world's foremost voices in the field, Mr. Few's story can be reviewed here.
3. Graduates of the Pro course will create and understand all key Tableau features which include authoring an executive level dashboard with their data .
4. There will be tests everyday.
5. Tableau Packaged Workbooks using client data will be created and provide before the course starts. This ensures VIA clients that content will be available on day one of the course and left with the client as reference content. 
6. Before training starts, students will be surveyed to assess their existing Tableau skills. Further, students will receive a list of must see videos in preparation. 
7. The client must provide a dedicated project manager to insure success of the training engagement.
8. A detailed statement of work (SOW) will be prepared well in advance of the start date. 

For details - Call Larry Keller (o) 770-406-8678 - (m)770-296-9551 and visit our portal