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Larry Keller, original manual writer for Tableau, now publishes more insights into the wonderful world of big data...

The Teacher Becomes the Student
The Teacher Becomes the Student
The Teacher Becomes the Student

I am a firm believer that any professional instructor has those "aha" moments when in the course of delivering live in classroom environments.  

Yes I consider online instruction both online live and canned as being helpful. I posit here that there is no replacement for face to face instruction.

My live training and instruction process exposes my imperfections and opens the door to real time dialogue.  I can see the non-verbal questions written on the faces of students who could have a breakthrough that I never considered.

Moreover, students who seek to challenge me is the best way to become a better teacher. If you do not improve when challenged by students, you forgot why you were there in the first place.....You do not have every possible answer or potential outcome to queries about the content that you are delivering.  If you cannot become a student again, you should not be a teacher.  At the conclusion of my training engagements, I award the world famous map by Charles Minard which tells the story of Napoleon's ill-fated march to and from Moscow.  These students pushed this teacher/trainer and I am better for it as an instructor.  Thank you for making me a student of my craft.


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