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One Answer to the Health Care Crisis in Rural America

Larry Keller - President Via Insights 

While Washington debates how to deal with changes in the ACA, VIA Insights is taking steps to deal with the most devastated areas in the state of GA.  VIA Insights will provide free Tableau training for HC organizations in the rural parts of GA. Below is a subset of those facilities that have shut their doors.

Note Well: Not only are the sick and infirm left wanting, many jobs vaporized.

Calhoun Memorial Hospital (Arlington)
Charlton Memorial Hospital (Folkston)
Hart County Hospital (Hartwell)
Lower Oconee Community Hospital (Glenwood)
North Georgia Medical Center (Ellijay) 
Stewart-Webster Hospital (Richland)

The VIA response is simple - The hospital or community HC organization must own Tableau desktop licenses v.9.0 or later. This is desktop only initially and will training will be provided using these modalities: OLL or Online Live and Onsite.  In the case of the onsite option, then we ask that the client pay travel expenses only.  Training manuals and software aids will be free.   VIA is open to more radical approaches but we are committed to change as Washington thinks about change.

Use the link below to register. Complete the Log In request for information at the top right quadrant.



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