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The China Game and Your Health
China - A Quiet but Lethal Threat to World Health

 Slowly and without fanfare China has become the Wal-Mart for the world's supply of drugs and the active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that are used to make drugs in the US,Europe and APAC.. 

Meet Dr. Robert Allen, a healthy 45-year old Hopkins-trained physician & his son. He walked into an Arizona hospital ER with a bleeding stomach ulcer in December 2007. In less than 24-hours, he was multiple organ failure that began 11 minutes after getting 2 large doses of heparin. His heart was removed and he was placed on an artificial heart machine. He died 3 months later. Did he receive heparin whose key ingredient was made in China and contaminated with a lethal ingredient for economic reasons? Nine years later, a jury trial was granted to answer that question. The case was recently settled before trial, so no answers.

 We are digging into the names and locations in China that are the biggest offenders that the FDA simply does not reveal as timely as the world needs. If you want to join us in this effort respond to this blog with contact information. We want to render the country by province and city using Tableau which has already started. Make a difference with your knowledge and passion.

Larry Keller

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