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Larry Keller, original manual writer for Tableau, now publishes more insights into the wonderful world of big data...

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VIA Insights is Closing
VIA is closing after 12 years

Network for Employment Transition (NET)
NET is a means for the underemployed change their resumes to add relevant content to resumes through training. From Excel to A.I, NET enables non technical persons to make changes in their futures.

VIA Insights, LLC Announcement 2
VIA Insights and Changes

Tableau Support and Documentation
A resource for Tableau Users across multiple versions

Advanced 2018 Training Manual is Available
2018 Advanced Training Manual is Available

The China Game and Your Health
A fact based log of how the world's dependency on drugs and active pharmaceuticals (APIS) coming from China pose a strategic threat to the world

An Answer to Reducing Costs for Tableau Desktop Training
Tableau Primer - The Cost Reduction Solution for Tableau Training

Tableau Primer
Tableau Primer - Using an online service with 39 modules Primer introduces the new user to the fundamentals of Tableau to Dashboards. Anywhere at anytime

Tableau Tutor
Tableau Tutor was created for those Tableau users who prefer small class size (no>) 5 students. Tableau Tutor is delivered real time and online with course-ware based VIA Insights training manuals as associated software-aids.

Online Offer for Tableau v.9.0 Basic Users
Unique online offer v.9.0. There are new and existing users of v.9.0 Basic and this special offer at a 50% discount is a great way to receive all the benefits of the first release of the best Tableau Online training course in the world. Click on Read More